Worker Electrocuted at New Rochelle Construction Site



164 Union Avenue last year

A worker was electrocuted Wednesday at 164 Union Avenue in New Rochelle, the construction site of the Craft Building.. New Rochelle Police and New Rochelle Fire Departments responded.

The worker was in a Cherry Picker performing exterior work on the Building, and accidentally struck high voltage wires, according to Captain Cosmo Costa, commanding officer of the New Rochelle Police Dept. The worker’s identity is not being released at this time.



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One thought on “Worker Electrocuted at New Rochelle Construction Site

  1. Maybe he was from a First-World country where you don’t have over-head electrical distribution, especially in any area denser than farmland, because the power lines are buried. Sorry, this is poor, short-sited, broken down USA where we always go with lowest FIRST-cost option. FIRST-cost is the only FIRST in USA.

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