Who has the Best Pizza in New Rochelle?


Pizzeria la Rosa, New Rochelle (Yelp)


WABC did a survey on Yelp of the 5 best pizza joints in New Rochelle. Want to know what they are?

Topping (get it?) the list is Pizzeria La Rosa. Located at 12 Russell Ave., it’s the highest rated pizza spot in New Rochelle,  4.5 stars out of 92 reviews on Yelp.  It’s in the same spot where Modern used to be, before moving to Huguenot.  (Is there something in their water? The old Modern Pizza used to be considered one of the best.)   They’ll deliver with a minimum $20 order.

For the rest, it’s basically a stroll up Main street:

(NOW CLOSED- In second place was Piatto of Westchester, at 55 E. Main St.,)

Followed by Carlo’s Restaurant,  at 179 E. Main St.,  and The Big Slice at 624 Main St.

Coming in 5th, Gemelli Pizzeria, at 752 North Avenue, not far from Iona, which has earned four stars out of 82 reviews on Yelp.

Bon appetit!





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