Looking Back: No Power in Larchmont, Mamaroneck, New Rochelle for Almost 2 Weeks


Crews from NC and GA used equipment airlifted from Georgia to remove trees, repair lines and restore power to Larchmont (David Marchiony)

Looking back at recent local history, we found this post from 2012

published November 8, 2012:

It’s Day 10.  There are still hundreds of households in our area that have not had power in almost two weeks.

Today’s count.

New Rochelle: 3000 households.

Mamaroneck: 2000

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Rye: about 1000

Larchmont: about 200

Westchester-wide: 50,000 plus 22,500 more after the Nor’easter. Fell to 25,ooo by afternoon.

In Larchmont, we hear the grid around the stream by the Duckpond was turned off (only)  this past Saturday due to a tree that cracked a phone pole on Brookside Drive.  That’s 56 homes there. The owner of the tree was asked many times by the Town to cut it down, say neighbors.

Local officials have said privately they are infuriated by the treatment they are getting from Con Ed and customers get funneled into a loop of voicemail.

“Things are picking up, But it was a disaster. It was slow. They weren’t ready. They didn’t pre-position,” Nita Lowey said this afternoon at the opening of a FEMA Disaster Recovery Center at the Westchester County Center in White Plains.

Says one resident, “It will be a week for us on Saturday…I know some people have had it worse… but the thing that is scariest is that no one can get any movement or idea of how to make these Con Ed people  move or attend to it.  And now the snow.  We are lucky to have a generator but it still means  standing in line.

Can we start a tree watch and do what we did for the tunnel?  This is  outrageous.”

Anyone remember the Skank Tunnel? Let’s start a forum here for dangerous trees and calls for Con Ed. We have to take the power into our own hands. Where do we start?

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