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What to Do with All These Leaves?


You may remember our post on Leaving your Leaves Alone. It’s great for the environment, saves money and it’s a whole lot easier than all that raking. And you can even use your lawn mower in many cases.

Now the New York Times reports on what a good job Westchester is doing with it:

They have been burned, blown into piles, raked into bags and generally scorned by homeowners everywhere. Fall leaves — so pretty on the trees, such a nuisance when they hit the ground — have long been a thing to be discarded. But now some suburban towns are asking residents to do something radical: Leave the leaves alone.

In the past few years, lawn signs have sprouted …across Westchester County, proclaiming the benefits of mulching the leaves in place, rather than raking them up and taking them away. The technique involves mowing the leaves with special mulching blades, which shred them into tiny bits. That allows them to quickly decompose and naturally feed lawns and shrubs.

Officials are encouraging the practice for its cost savings: Westchester spends $3.5 million a year on private contractors who haul away leaves in tractor-trailers and bring them to commercial composting sites in places like Orange County, N.Y., and Connecticut. At the same time, environmental groups and horticulturalists are praising the practice’s sustainability, devising slogans like “Leave Leaves Alone” and “Love ’Em and Leave ’Em.”   more




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J. Newman
J. Newman
November 25, 2013 11:36 AM

Today we had our leaves shredded all over the lawn, working with a local New Rochelle company called Greener by Design. IThe lawn looks great and we feel like we’ve gotten a lot of good leaf litter to fertilize our lawn. We also have avoided the huge leaf piles that narrow our streets and cause some safety issues. So we are very happy with this new approach..

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