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What To Do Before the Next Storm Hits

East Brookside Dr., Larchmont, Sept.3, 2021

In an on-going series, Ed Merians, former Chairman and a Disaster Services volunteer for the American Red Cross in Westchester, will show us how to plan for emergencies before they happen. Our objective is to help readers have their own customized set of plans for emergencies, and hopefully, feel more prepared.

We are going to think things through in advance so we avoid mistakes and problems during the next storm.  The goal is to be self-reliant for at least the first four days after a major weather event. If we can do that as a community we will be way ahead.

Bookmark this list, and start about 72 hours before the storm is expected to hit:

72 hours out:

  • Either go to the store or submit your storm shopping list to retailer for pickup or delivery the same or next day.
  • Start assembling Go Kit (if you gotta go quick)

48-24 hours out

  • Secure the surrounding area of your home.
  • Download of entertainment and distractions.
  • Charge your electronic devices.
  • Prepare breakfast lunch and dinner for the day of the storm.

12 hours out

  • Add small water filled bottles to freezer.
  • Park your vehicle in a safe place
  • Get a cooler ready if you need to transfer foods from refrigerator
  • Fill the tub and pots of water
  • What’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner: 4 days of preplanned meals
  • Park your vehicle in a safe place

To be continued…stay safe.


This is Not a Drill : Storm Readiness for Mamaroneck Area


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