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What is the Best Time of Year to Buy a New Car?


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What is the best time of year to buy a new car in Westchester?  The end of the month? The end of the model year when there are bargains galore? Wrong.

According to a prominent area automobile dealer, this is really a myth. Just take a trip over to Volvo Cars White Plains, an Exclusive Division of The Premier Collection. 

Says Jeremy Abramson, Vice President and Group Manager of The Premier Collection,  “The best time to buy a car is right now. Programs are constantly moving around and our job is to figure out the best scenario for each individual customer and their family. We do this every day, so in my opinion when you feel you’re ready for your next vehicle, that’s the time to buy!”

Abramson says people have been conditioned to believe they should wait until the end of the month because the sales staff, wanting to achieve a certain quota, will give them amazing prices.

But at Volvo Cars White Plains, the staff makes an extra effort to work with the buyer. “If you are ready to do business now, says Abramson, you have a lot more leverage than if you say, ‘I’m coming back at the end of the month’. There is always a special out there.”  

“Buying a car these days is easier than it’s ever been because everything is on the internet. In 10 minutes you can research what I bought the car for, and that’s a lot of bargaining power,” he says.

It’s also a state of mind. Is the best price what you get at the end of a model year? Is a leftover 2019 Volvo XC60 a better deal than a new 2020 Volvo XC60?

“The newer car may be $2000 more,”  says Abramson but a better deal for you might be a better design, better resale value and a car you like better. The lowest monthly payment is not always the better deal.

Volvo Cars White Plains will open a new, state of the art facility in Elmsford in the coming weeks. It will offer customers a climate-controlled shopping experience, including indoor parking, complimentary pick up and delivery of your vehicle for service appointments, and a loaner vehicle. Your vehicle will be serviced and inspected, washed, and vehicle and dropped back to you.

Now that’s a good reason to buy a new car.

The Premier Collection sells and services Mazda, Volkswagen, Lincoln, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Subaru and Volvo in New York and Connecticut.

500 Tarrytown Road White Plains  844-877-6569  

future location (below) : 262 East Main Street Elmsford 10523




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