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Weaver Street Bridge to Close for 60 Days

weaver st NY-125


You’re soon going to know just how much you used to use the Weaver Street Bridge- that’s the passage over I-95 on Weaver Street (Rte. 125)  between Palmer Avenue and Myrtle Boulevard and one of the most heavily traveled areas in the lower county. And it needs repairing. It will close from about June 3 until about July 24.

A joint notice from the Town of Mamaroneck and  the Mamaroneck School District announces the bridge will close to traffic on or about June 3, and to pedestrians on June 23. The pedestrian access is to allow students at Hommocks, Mamaroneck High School and Central School access until school is out.

“While we are pleased that the NYSDOT has accomodated our request to maintain pedestrian access through the remainder of the school year, we plan to study all issues related to the impact of this project, including increased traffic on alternative routes, acknowledgement of the extra time required for students to get to school, re-design of bus transportation routes (e.g. pick up and drop off times) and all other related safety issues,” the announcement says.

Traffic will be re-routed over the Rockland Avenue Bridge in Mamaroneck and the Chatsworth Avenue Bridge near the train station in Larchmont.



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Gnome Ransom
Gnome Ransom
July 4, 2013 4:56 PM

Where are our two State representatives (both from RYE), Senator George Latimer and Assembly Steve Otis when we need them? Rt 125/Weaver St. is a STATE road – nice job fellas!!!!! I guess they have better things to do than see to it that government projects are rationally managed. By the way, no work is being done on the bridge and its been closed for weeks.

June 7, 2013 8:43 PM

we live right near the bridge that closed on Monday. Guess what? No workers, no trucks, no anything was done at all this week. Nothing. Literally nothing. Why in the world did they close the bridge this week if they were not going to start working on it??????

Town Rez
Town Rez
June 3, 2013 11:03 AM

On the day of the closing the town government announces that they “plan to study the impact”? Any competent authority would have studied the impact of an undertaking that will effect so many residents BEFORE IMPLEMENTATION. It goes to show, we don’t recognize how important competent town management really is until incompetence leads to traffic jams, kids having to walk to school through construction sites, etc. Time to wake up and do your job Town Supervisor and Board (your lack of management and leadership is showing).

May 20, 2013 12:13 PM

closing Weaver Street Bridge before the school year ends ?
how did local officials let THAT happen ? INSANE. I saw that children will still be able to walk but still crazy, they are going to have the mother of all traffic jams on Chatsworth bridge and Rockland won’t be much better …crazy they could not schedule this for July/ August / wait just three more weeks.

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