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Mamaroneck Mayor Responds to Photo: Dangerous Start to Commute?

mamk train stairsA Mamaroneck resident writes in this morning:

Here are the stairs that 90% of Mamaroneck train commuters had to climb this morning from VOM parking to tracks. Same as always after snow.  VOM and MTA have to stop pointing fingers and get them cleaned before someone gets hurt and we have a (warranted) lawsuit on our hands.  We don’t need another.

We’ve asked Mayor Rosenblum to comment. As the reader above predicted, the Mayor points to the MTA for responsibility.

Mayor Rosenblum responded Tuesday morning:

Dear Editor:
The Village of Mamaroneck’s DPW and Administration are exemplary in their operation before, during and after winter storm conditions, as well as other situations throughout the year. This past weekend’s storm illustrated their professional and dedicated service to the Village of Mamaroneck and to the benefit of all who live, work and visit our “Friendly Village”.
In regards to the picture posted on the Loop, I believe that to be the stairs by the Metro North Station in Mamaroneck. This is Metro North property and the maintenance is strictly that of Metro North. The VOM has received a few complaints regarding this situation and has continually notified Metro North to address the concerns related to the conditions and safety of their users. The Village of Mamaroneck does not service Metro North property, nor should the Village become subject to potential liabilities by taking on others responsibility and liability. I strongly suggest, as has been noted previously to similar complaints, that contact with the Metro North Authorities is the proper action to take with regards to their property.
I once again take this opportunity to thank the Village of Mamaroneck DPW for their continued and certainly appreciated professionalism, including the Parks Dept., VOMPD, Fire Dept and EMS that makes the Village of Mamaroneck the number one destination in Westchester County and surrounding areas.
Norman S. Rosenblum
Mayor, Village of Mamaroneck


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Joe Clifton
Joe Clifton
February 16, 2013 1:37 PM

While I don’t like or care much for most politicians, this Mayor is on the right track. If VOM were to clean and service these stairs in this weather, who would pay for the labor and materials? The taxpayers? I don’t think so!!!! The proper tactic in this case should be the Mayor, the board, and the citizens working collectively to force the MTA to correct the situation through whatever means required, whether the courts or a well orchestrated PR campaign.

Ted Carroll
February 12, 2013 12:26 PM

What a self congratulatory stuffed shirt. A former Mayor would have taken the opportunity to immediately go shovel those himself and properly shame the MTA.

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