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Visions of Hudson Valley Creatures at Kenise Barnes Fine Art

Holly Sears, “Songbirds,” giclee print, 2012 ( Birds include: Red-winged Blackbirds, Chickadees, Blue Jay, Baltimore Orioles, Cardinals, Nuthatch, Goldfinch, Common Yellowthroat)

Larchmont’s Kenise Barnes Fine Art gallery currently presents magical, yet naturalistic, artworks by Holly Sears, depicting exotic and native species of animals and plants–many threatened or endangered — including hawks, river otters, owls, and various songbirds. The exhibition runs to Dec. 12.

Called “Hudson River Explorers,” and inspired by region’s flora and fauna, the oil paintings originally were commissioned by MTA Arts to be installed as eleven laminated glass windows in the overpass corridors at the Metro-North Railroad Tarrytown Station. They also were exhibited last summer at the Hudson River Museum.

Artist Holly Sears  has always been motivated by “the mystery and amorality of nature.” She writes:  “I did extensive research on the plants and animals in the Hudson Valley and the Hudson River itself, and then developed the artwork….”

                                         Holly Sears, “Swoop,” giclee print, 2012

(Creatures include: Harbor Porpoise, Spotted Turtle, Yellow Bellied Chats, Shad)

For the current exhibit, the gallery presents 12 original oil paintings and a limited edition suite of giclee prints created from the paintings. In the prints, the final image is comprised of multiple layers, creating a gestalt image. View the prints here.

“Many approaches to creating imagery are available when working with laminated glass,” explains Sears,  “but I was particularly attracted to the possibilities that could arise from the layering of grounds and imagery within the laminate structure. This inspired me to create the images I used to make the glass as multiple paintings….oil on primed paper with the creatures floating on stark white backgrounds…”

Some of the creatures seem surreal at first, yet they are derived from nature and detailed scientific observations. The effect is at once stunning and welcoming. The artist notes: “The flora and fauna described in my paintings create a liaison between our natural world and our human world and imply a kinship to the human experience.”

For a slideshow of the laminated art glass panels at the Tarrytown train station,  click here.

Kenise Barnes Fine Arts  is located at 1955 Palmer Avenue, Larchmont, NY  (914 834 8077 )

Photos courtesy of artist at 

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