Village of Mamaroneck: Stolen Tax Refund Check, Car, and … Bicycle Light


These are the complaints filed by the Village of Mamaroneck Police Departments for last week:

October 19 – Larceny – $400 worth of items, including backpack, flashlight, folding knife and money, taken from unlocked vehicle parked at the Spencer Parking Lot.

October 20 – Stolen vehicle – Caller reported that his vehicle was stolen from his driveway on Maple Avenue. The vehicle was later discovered by police at Mamaroneck Ave near the train station.  Investigation pending.

October 22 – Assault – Two 14 year old students apprehended for punching another 14 year in the face. The incident happened on Mamaroneck Ave at around 5pm.  The students were issued appearance tickets for Family Court. The three youth knew each other.

October 24 – Assault – 23 year old Mamaroneck man charged with assault for pushing a 42 year old man to the ground causing contusion to the face. Released on Recognizance  after arraignment.

October 25 – Larceny – Complainant reports that unknown person stole and cashed her replacement tax return check. Under investigation.

October 26 – Larceny – Stolen bicycle light.  Woman reports that unknown person stole a light off her bike which was at the bike rack Mamaroneck Library.


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