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Rumorville Video: Automated Parking for Mamaroneck?

A proposed garage system for the Village of Mamaroneck would be much like the one seen in this video from Germany (Click larger thumbnail at end of article.)

Yair Goldberg, North American systems director for Fort Lee, N.J.-based Unitronics, presented the garages as a possible option to the village’s downtown parking problems at a board meeting Wednesday.

The proposed three-story garages — behind the CVS pharmacy and the Payless shore store on Mamaroneck Avenue — would automatically park cars on multiple levels, without a driver. Customers would simply drive into an entry-exit bay roughly the size of a two-car garage, turn off the engine, get out and activate a system that takes the vehicle away for storage.

Mayor Norm Rosenblum has long favored this type of technology, but he idea met with skepticism among some residents.


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