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Vape Store to Open as Mamaroneck Village Leaders Consider Ban


NY Vape and Smoke  Shop opens in Mamaroneck.


Just as news comes that a Bronx teenager has become the first in New York State to die of a vape related illness, a new Vape Shop is ready to open on Mamaroneck Avenue.

The new NY VAPE & Smoke Shop, store near the corner of Prospect and Mamaroneck Avenues, was closed on Tuesday afternoon but looked ready for business.  

Mamaroneck Village leaders will soon consider a law to ban vape stores in the Village.

Mamaroneck Mayor Tom Murphy recently issued an announcement that because of recent  reports of  “the dangers and detrimental health effects of vaping…the Village of Mamaroneck Board of Trustees will discuss the feasibility of passing a law to ban or restrict these noxious establishments in Mamaroneck.”

On the front door of the new vape shop are signs that no one under age 21 is allowed inside as well as a warning that “Vaping can expose you to toxic chemicals and kill you.”

The village trustees are expected to discuss the feasibility of a ban at the next meeting on Tuesday, October 15, 7:30pm.

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