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Vacation Story: Italy Down to the Wire

American cat, Italian bidet

Whether you roam to Paris or Playland,  Dublin or DUMBO, send us a tale of your adventures.

Kira writes from Italy:

Upon arrival in Allerona after an eighteen hour journey, our diabetic cat, Mario, in tow, the first thing on the agenda is to choose then order our kitchen tiles  so that may arrive sometime this year and before the whole country goes on vacation.

We quickly do so, then discover that the Art Museum has moved up the date of my husband’s photography show by a week, publicita duly printed on 5000 posters displaying his portrait, bio and work. Thus we have spent our days looking for phantom framing shops which may or may not be open as well as searching for cheapo frames as a back up after wearily converting the inches of the prints to centimeters of the frames.

Like a scavenger hunt our days take on  a crazy reality show veneer, with clues left willy nilly under rocks, Madonnas, and tied to cats. Speaking of cats, Mario is now running for Sindaco (Mayor) of Allerona. Everyone loves him with the possible  exception of  the pensioners  who pass their time in the bar suggesting he would be delicious al forno con patates (in the oven with potatoes.) Neighborhood kids come to visit him as he holds court on our steps to cries of tesoro, amore, morbido. (Treasure, love, softest…)

He sits at the door meowing “my public awaits me”.  The bidet is his personal water fountain.

Now a custom frame shop in Orvieto has opened after vacation….she guarantees that we will have everything ready by Friday at 5:30 in time for the opening Saturday. Hopefully, the gallery will have cleaned up the spider webs, dead moths and mold in the exhibition space.

Meanwhile, I am way behind on my truffle consumption.  We are now looking for the wire to hang everything on the grids in the exhibition space.

Here in Italy, it’s always down to the wire.

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