Tunnel from Rye to Long Island Proposal is Revived


Years ago, one developer proposed this $10-billion, 16-mile tunnel from Oyster Bay Town to Rye. Photo Credit: Polimeni International

As you’ve no doubt heard,plans for a tunnel from Rye through the Long Island Sound to the North Shore of Long Island are back on the table.

Friday the Governor announced the next steps toward seeking proposals of interest in development of a Sound Tunnel.

A Sound crossing has been debated since 1938 with multiple plans scuttled by fierce community opposition in Westchester and on Long Island.Robert Moses pushed a plan, ultimately killed in the 1970s.

Then more recently in 2007Garden City Long Islanddeveloper Vince Polimeriput forwarda plan to build a tunnelthat received uniform local opposition, according to the publication MyRye.com.

Back then, State Assemblyman Steve Otis, then Mayor of Rye, said “I believe this proposal would have a devastating impact on all of Westchester by clogging the I-287 corridor and I-95 to parking-lot conditions.”

from NYS DOT

“Today, we are taking another step to advance an ambitious project that would reduce traffic on the impossibly congested Long Island Expressway, improve connectivity, and help ensure the region’s future economic competitiveness,” Cuomo said in a statement.

His announcement comes after the release this month of a study that estimated a Sound tunnel would cost between $31.5 billion and $55.4 billion to build, depending on location and whether there are one or two tubes, according to Newsday.

The study’s authors estimated between 74,300 and 86,400 vehicles would use a tunnel to Westchester per day. Together, drivers would pay more than $500 million in tolls per year, if the fee were $20 to $25 per trip.

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  1. There has to be a less expensive option for tunnel building- that project would take 100 years to pay for itself! That is why we are so up the creek on infrastructure right now. We pay for contracts not the actual work. Its mostly entitlements. If we bring back WPA program like we had in the 30s we can reduce the costs of these projects and get people off welfare at the same time!

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