Coming Up: Town of Mamaroneck to Hold Hearing on Tax Levy Limit – Dec. 5


The Town of Mamaroneck will hear from the public on a possible override to the tax levy limit.

According to an announcement by the Town, in response to a Nov. 7 vote by the Town Council, a public hearing will be held Wednesday, December 5 at the Town Center to consider:

“…Overrid(ing) the tax levy limit established in General Municipal Law 3-c . It is the intent of this local law to override the limit on the amount of real property taxes that may be levied by the Town of Mamaroneck pursuant to General Municipal Law § 3-c, and to allow the Town Board to adopt a budget for (a) town purposes, (b) fire protection districts and (c) any other special or improvement district governed by the town board for the fiscal year 2019 that requires a real property tax levy in excess of the ‘tax levy limit’ as defined by General Municipal Law § 3-c.”

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