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Top 7 Wedding Favor Trends for Fall 2019


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 What springs to your mind when you think about wedding favors? Tiny little bags filled with sugared almonds perhaps? Maybe personalized candies with the bride and grooms initials printed onto them in teeny tiny letters? While we are all about people celebrating their love for each other using these traditional party favors let’s be honest: they score zero points for originality. 

If you are thinking of doing something a little different party favor wise for your 2019 wedding then we commend you! Let’s take a look at some of the cutest, quirkiest and most eccentric wedding favor ideas that we love for 2019. 

Who Cares About Wedding Favors Anyway? 

Wedding favors double as both a cute table decoration at your wedding reception, and a way to ensure that your big day is remembered by your guests. Shopping for these little mementos can be as much of an enjoyable part of your wedding process as your honeymoon when you finally get to relax at a Beaches resort. Your budget and number of attendees will determine somewhat how elaborate your gifts are. You can range between full on gift baskets to tiny little mementos. One thing is for certain though, your wedding favors certainly don’t have to break the bank in order to capture hearts.  

Edible “Thank you” Kits 

Let’s be honest, most people love cute little edible gifts. Instead of the traditional wedding favor of sugared almonds, consider presenting each of your guests with a cute rustic gift wrapped package of pastel colored macaroons or smores with an accompanying “thank you” note. They will not only be sure to go “aww”, they will also be happy about the cute little treat that they can pack into their work lunch the next day for dessert. 


Travel Toiletry Kits 

Perhaps you and your partner are known for being well-travelled and embracing wanderlust. In that case, you may also frequently encourage your friends and loved ones to travel, or move in social circles where most of those around you travel also. 


Think about how cute, practical and thoughtful a travel toiletry kit would be in that situation. Many gift and party favor companies can create such bespoke gifts for you. You can include things such as sleep eye masks, 100ml bottles for airline liquid allowances, etc. This gift fits in well with a travel or “ethnic” wedding theme

Romantic Bottle Stoppers 

Honestly, you can never have too many bottle stoppers. How many times have you found yourself in the situation where you pop open a quality bottle of vino and realize that you have nothing to close it with afterwards? More than likely you find yourself scrambling around the kitchen for a bottle stopper and wind up settling for stuffing the bottle with a load of tissue instead. No more! 

Your guests will love being given romance themed wine stoppers. Likely they have also found themselves in the aforementioned nightmare situation so this gift is both pretty and practical!  


Personalized Mini Gumball Machine 

To be honest, teeny tiny versions of anything are cute and personalized mini gumball machines are no exception to that rule. People love to have little containers of sweet treats in their office cubicles – be it hard boiled candies, bubblegum, etc. A personalized mini gumball machine is an adorable gift because it is one that is likely to be adored and used. You can have the names or nicknames of each guest printed on the little contraption. This is a perfect favor for fun and playful wedding themes. 


Potted Succulents 

Many people love houseplants but never make the investment into buying one because of the hassle and commitment involved in watering it, pruning it, caring for it, etc. In some ways, having a houseplant is almost like having a small child! This is where succulents come in. These independent little badass plants require minimal care and supervision. They just improve the aesthetics of any home or office without demanding too much attention. As such, a tiny potted cactus is a wonderfully thoughtful party favor. 


Tealight Holders 

Tealight holders are a great way of injecting a more special touch to lighting candles. Tealight holders that exist in the forms of tiny little lanterns or hanging holders are a nice wedding favor idea that are likely to see more use by your guests than personalized keyrings with the bride and groom’s initials! You can also alternate with colors and designs as you set these favors around the wedding reception tables. 


Miniature Jams and Honeys 

Along the theme of offering your guests with wedding favors that they are sure to get use out of and enjoy, tiny little pots of jams, honeys, or other condiments are a nice idea. This is especially well fitting if your 2019 wedding theme is shabby chic or rustic. 


The possibilities are endless as far as wedding favors are concerned and now that 2019 is well underway, it is time to be more original and innovative with these little gifts! Adorable, bespoke wedding favors can be designed to perfectly suit your weddings theme without costing too much money at all. They can range from being humorous and silly to practical and lovely. 

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John Whitlock
September 3, 2019 2:45 AM

Thank you there are some great ideas here much better than the traditional almonds. The best has to be the bottle stopper, that will get constant use for longer than the rest.

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