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Voters Say ‘Yes’ to Replacing ‘Antiquated’ PE Space at Mamaroneck HS



MHS Physical Education Instructional Space Capital Plan -11-3-15_00007
Mamaroneck High School lockers (photo: Mamaroneck School Board Budget Study)


Update: On January 12, voters overwhelmingly passed the $9.3 million bond referendum for its school district to upgrade its sports facilities.

To the Editor:

It’s a new year, and with it often comes new year’s resolutions. Many
adults resolve to exercise more, be healthier, and really commit to it
this time!

What about our kids? I hope they also want to exercise more, focus on
healthier habits, and be motivated to continue it into adulthood. PE in
school and youth athletics are critical, and we have some phenomenal PE
teachers in our school district with engaging curriculum.

However, the PE instructional spaces at Mamaroneck High School are nowhere near on par and haven’t been updated as far as anyone can remember. Locker rooms go unused because the lockers are rusted and won’t secure belongings. Plumbing and electrical are antiquated and ventilation is poor. Not where I imagine my kids getting hooked on life-long fitness. And not particularly safe either.

Our town prioritizes youth sports, which I think is a positive thing.
We have improved fields, worked to expand field space, and schedule
teams so as to maximize the number of kids who can play. However, when
those young athletes grow up and want to compete at the high school
level, we offer them a weight room with exposed pipes that leak. We have them leave their sports bags and equipment in the hallways, because nothing fits into existing (broken,
rusty) lockers. There is no shower available (or even running water!)
and no changing or meeting space for female athletic teams.

The plan that the district has proposed reconfigures unused space so
that PE instruction can expand. Infrastructure is replaced so that our
kids are safe and so is their gear. Health and wellness becomes the
focus and the facilities will reflect how we feel about supporting our
young athletes.

Please educate yourself on this issue–come tour the existing facilities
yourself on antiquated And then vote YES to
the bond vote on January 12 at your local elementary school.
Your kids will thank you.

Lisa Sommer


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Catherine Wachs
January 5, 2016 4:47 PM

These facilities have been passed over for refurbishing for years. My kids are no longer in the school district, but if there are folks willing to buy into a bond to upgrade them without a tax hike, it’s a win-win situation. We should do it now before rates go any higher.

January 5, 2016 12:13 PM

While I agree with much of what Lisa has said, I can’t help but reflect on the Olympic runners who train without proper shoes or the children who play soccer with balls made of rags. Not sure the state of the facilities has much to do with inspiring kids to achieve fitness.

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