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To the Editor: Start the Children’s Museum

Playland Park (by June Marie Sobrito)
Playland Park (by June Marie Sobrito)

To the Editor:

I am writing to urge the Board of Trustees of Sustainable Playland and all elected officials who have supported the Sustainable Playland plan to demand that County Executive Astorino immediately allow the Westchester Children’s Museum to begin construction on their previously approved and  long overdue project..

It is unconscionable that Astorino would hold hostage a project that benefits all of Westchester’s children in a misguided effort to extort the privatization of a public park.

There is universal bipartisan agreement that the Children’s Museum will be a great benefit for all of Westchester’s children. It has been included in every proposal under consideration for Playland’s future, including the Sustainable Playland plan. Consequently, there is no reason, other than petty partisan politics, for Mr. Astorino’s stubborn intransigence.Sustainable Playland and anyone who supports their plan, should tell Astorino to stop his childish obstructionism and call upon Astorino to behave maturely. For public officials to support Sustainable Playland before it’s financial and practical benefits and detriments have been vetted and compared in a public forum with the other competing plans is irresponsible.

By urging Astorino to act now to allow construction of the Children’s Museum, Sustainable Playland and its supporters would allow the Board of Legislators time to conduct its due diligence and help prevent Astorino’s attempt to force precipitous action.
Tom Murphy
Mamaroneck NY

editor: Tom Murphy is running for the Democratic Seat on the Westchester County Board of Legislators

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