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To the Editor: Save the Delancey House

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The Delancey House is likely to be sold to developers.


To the Editor:

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Please help us save the 1792 DeLancey House.

The Delancey House, which is located at 408 West Boston Post Road in Mamaroneck where James Fenimore Cooper & Susan DeLancey were married in 1811 is in peril of being torn down & we need to preserve it! 

Why, because it is part of our early AMERICAN history!  Sad to say that lately there appears to be a trend to do away with many of early American historical sites. We have already lost the Gedney House. Yes, let’s just tear down America’s early history & put up something new. Who cares?

Many of us do care about our early history! At present,we do not have enough money to buy the building, but if everyone gave up at least a latte or two (about 5 or 10 bucks)  & donated this money to the DeLancey Fund, we might be able to save a valuable early American home & provide the community with a valuable historical resource. Hopefully, this could be turned into a Historical Museum & Archive for the benefit of our community & its children. 

When one travels out of our country, what do they visit? They visit museums and historical buildings & homes. That’s how we learn how people lived! 

 Just look at our little school house which is located across the road from the DeLancey House. It certainly gives one a good idea of our early educational system. They wanted to tear that down, but fortunately the community worked to save it.

Please don’t let this “diamond in the rough” be destroyed like the Gedney home! Let’s move it to a place where it can be used and enjoyed as an educational museum & home for the historical society. Once it is gone, it is gone forever! Another piece of American History down the drain!

Please donate whatever you can. Every bit counts toward saving this valuable piece of our American history. We sent in our donation. Please send in yours ASAP. We don’t have much time left. Thank you.

Donations should be sent to Carol Akin, 1226 Palmer Ave., Larchmont, NY 10538. Make your tax deductible checks payable to the Mamaroneck Historical Society- DeLancey Fund). The website is  

 Susan & Tom Amlicke

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