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To the Editor: Replace Jay Jacobs for Democrats

Dear Editor,

Anyone who followed the 2022 elections must realize that they were a debacle for the New York State Democratic Party. Five Congressional seats were lost to Republicans. These losses handed the U.S. House of Representatives to the Republican Party. Numerous down-ballot elections that have traditionally gone Democratic were lost. The gubernatorial race was won by a historically small margin. The poor performance of Democrats in 2022 is clear indication that something is rotten in the State Democratic Party.

The New York State Democratic Party over which party chairman Jay Jacobs has presided has been characterized by inertia and mediocrity. The Party has far fewer year-round and professional employees than many states much less populous and affluent than New York. By sticking with an amateurish and inefficient organization, the State Party has in effect yielded the floor to Republican candidates who might have been defeated with greater sustained attention to the concerns and priorities of the voters.

The loss of trust in the New York State Democratic Party organization, its performance and Chairman, is reflected in articles in such publications as Politico and The New York Times Magazine. Perhaps most damning is the commitment of the National Democratic Party to a New York war chest of $45 Million to shore up what the National Party clearly views as an inept state organization incapable of taking care of itself.

It is clear, indeed self-evident, that Jay Jacobs, with his investment and complicity in the existing party structure, is incapable of leading the change that is necessary. As a retired Marine and writer on military subjects, I recall Napoleon’s dictum that there are no bad regiments, only bad colonels.

New leadership is needed. Jacobs must resign or be removed from his position as party Chair, and in time for his successor to institute meaningful party reform in time for the key elections of 2024.

Respectfully Submitted,

Reed Bonadonna
Larchmont, NY
Replace Jay Jacobs Coalition


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