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To the Editor: More on Mamaroneck History

Mamaroneck police c 1943

To the Editor:

It was with much interest that I read the above article, as I lived with my parents in Chatsworth Gardens Apartments from early 1939 to late 1945.

We were not evacuees, my father was sent by his company to run their New York office in January, 1939.

I relate to much of the article, especially the skating.  I attended Chatsworth Avenue School and the Mamaroneck High Schools.

I attach a collage of four of the Mamaroneck police of the time who regularly stopped at the police booth in the middle of Myrtle Avenue, opposite Plaza Pharmacy.

They are left to right, top to bottom:-

Jimmy Mancusi, Johnny Caputo, George Flint, Jim Hallas & Jimmy again.

I would draw your attention to part of the original war memorial, behind Johnny at the top right. It literally listed the names of all those serving and killed.

I hope you find it interesting.
John Keable


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