To the Editor: Mamaroneck Town’s Hut, Make it a Bus Shelter


Regarding the hut built by the Town of Mamaroneck at the corner of Chatsworth Avenue and Myrtle Blvd., which we have written a few stories about recently, including learning a bit of local history.

To the Editor:

Meanwhile …. 10 yards away from it, there is a bus stop with no shelter ……The Town should remove one side of the mystery hut and make it an open shelter for people waiting for buses there. Add/put in (or on the outside) a big poster-size interactive touch-screen with info about the Town, train schedules from Larchmont, bus info and schedules for the area, and a guide to local restaurants, etc.

And maybe set up a small station for a Village/Town version of CitiBike.

Finally, make it a strong-signal WiFi hot spot enabling connectivity as far as the east ends of the train platforms at the station. None of the above should cost much , and in some cases private sponsors could cover some/ most of the costs.

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-Christopher Bourdain

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