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To the Editor: In Larchmont “Is Disruption Worth It?”


To the Editor:

I just came from the Corner Store in Larchmont.  The owner is being forced to close for the rest of the day to they can pour the cement in front of the store.  He also had to close when they tore up the sidewalk.

I am not sure if the sacrifice and disruption are worth it because the sidewalk they did put down looks terrible.  I should have taken a picture, but the seams are all crooked.  Someone from the VOL should be inspecting this and they should not sign off or pay.

If a contractor was putting in my front walk and it looked like that, I would make him go and do it again.

Seriously, go look at the crooked seams in front of the Corner Store going towards the florist.

Robert Herbst

Readers: What do you think?


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Lesley Barovick
Lesley Barovick
October 11, 2014 11:09 AM

As a local merchant whose business was disrupted by the installation of a new sidewalk over the last 3-weeks, I was shocked when 2 of my part-time, hardworking musicians were issued overtime parking tickets, mid-morning, in the “Shoppers Parking” on Wendt Avenue. These same folks have spent weeks carrying customers’ strollers in and out of our store where no ramp — but rather a piece of plywood — was installed. And only at the daily urging of my studio manager. We have enduring the town using our storefront as a weekend parking lot for construction vehicles (see picture). I understand that it is difficult to live through any construction project, but some reciprocal goodwill from the Village would be greatly appreciated.

J. Mark Lane
J. Mark Lane
October 10, 2014 10:50 AM

I’m glad someone wrote about this, I’ve been meaning to. I was down on Chatsworth the other day, and my 10 year said to me, “Why do they tear up the sidewalks and then nobody ever does any work?” Out of the mouths of babes….

This entire “beautification” mess has been the most bumbled, pathetic thing I think I’ve ever seen, having lived in at least a dozen towns in my life. The term mismanagement is a gross understatement. Unbelievably bad government. It is simply amazing to me that anyone could be so naive and ignorant as to allow this kind of crap to take place. In a town full of smart, educated people, no less. Why are we tolerating it?

When is the next mayoral election? I think I’ll nominate my 10 year old, I’m certain he could do a better job.

Local Resident
Local Resident
October 10, 2014 10:27 AM

Yes, I agree, the work doesn’t look good at all – even the cement color seems “off”, it’s a mid-toned gray, not a cream like the existing walks. And, where is the brick edging and brick decorative stripe that was supposed to go down the center of the cement walk? Mayor McAndrews had talked all about that detail at a PineBrook Neighbors Assoc. meeting in the Summer. We have been told now that due to the delays, no trees can be planted until Spring – so our town will look even more bleak this winter. Why has this “beautification” project been so completely mismanaged and poorly executed? Why has all this money been spent to essentially just give us some new sidewalks? Look at Rye, the “main street” is lush, verdant, vibrant with full storefronts – and there are NO overhead wires! I know there was discussion about the cost of burying wires – that would have been money well spent.

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