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To the Editor: Extend the Larchmont Building Moratorium

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Site of recent two home development on Larchmont Avenue


To the Editor:

Wednesday night there was a public meeting where the newly elected mayor Lorraine Walsh and the Village Board of Trustees revealed the preliminary work of the village hired consultant concerning the lax and antiquated codes.

The preliminary findings by the consultant raised numerous concerns among those in the community, including the village’s head of the planning board, a land use specialist and many others in attendance.

We’ve been working hard as a community to address and update the codes but there is much work to still be done to properly address the issues and challenges our community is facing. With only days left until the moratorium expires, it’s imperative we demand the moratorium be extended.

As such, we are asking for your presence this Monday June 20th to the 2nd floor court room at Village Hall at 7:30pm.

We need you and your neighbors to come out to support the need for an extension on the moratorium. This is a critical meeting that requires a large turn out as the moratorium is set to expire on July 11th.

This is our only chance to make sure our collective efforts as a community to address updating the zoning code and combat the teardown trend as right now, July 12th developers can get back to exploiting our village and forever change its character and charm for their own financial gains.

We also encourage you to email or call the new Mayor and Board of Trustees and tell them we need to have the Moratorium extended.

Email the Mayor:

Email the Board of Trustees:

This Monday June 20th
Village Court Room • 2nd Floor


Preserve Larchmont
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June 20, 2016 10:18 PM

I do not support this letter or an extension to the moratorium. And our property was represented at the meeting tonight.

The naive emotion aimed at “developers exploiting our village and forever chang[ing] its character” would be more realistically heaped upon those exploitative sellers that took the best price for their properties, who selfishly refused to sell at a lower price to a buyer who had no additional money and would leave the property to fall down. Such as The Orchard — how dare a trustee of the village earn the most money for their estate by not entailing the property to be kept intact and selling at a lower price! The gall of these people!

I say the writer should volunteer to be the first to put entailments on his/her property to make sure it is never changed from its current form. That would be walking the walk, a true service to Larchmont, rather than working to put de facto entailments on everyone else’s properties. That’s right, diminish the value of your own property before you propose diminishing the value of mine. Communal sacrifice starts at home.

Meanwhile, extend the moratorium, get sued yet again. Another notable Larchmont achievement; poorly considered short-term actions that result in lawsuits that we lose and in which we lose significant money.

Larchmont has never been set in aspic and at no town can ever be frozen in time. Larchmont needs to soberly and carefully reconsider its zoning laws and perhaps make adjustments while avoiding succumbing to hysteria (teardowns! teardowns! scary new cookie-cutter houses! cookie-cutter!) and provoking lawsuits.

Slow down, calm down and think. We can get through this period together while acknowledging that the good of the community will probably involve an economic taking — from property owners, not developers.

Lewis Hardy
Lewis Hardy
June 17, 2016 9:25 AM

“…for their own financial gains”.

Since when was this disallowed in America? Has the writer ever done anything “for their own financial gain?”.

Fine to continue the moratorium but not for this reason…rather admit you want to extend it because that suits you best as a resident of Larchmont and preserves your financial gain. Right?

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