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Threat Reported at Hommocks Middle School

Mamaroneck Schools report an individual was arrested for making threats to students at Hommocks Middle School Friday morning. The school was temporarily on lockout and the School District says all students and staff are safe. Town of Mamaroneck Police say they are treating this as a juvenile case.

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June 16, 2019 8:17 PM

This is a report back in 2008 that both maintains privacy for the children charged and gives facts that parents can work with when comforting their children. The varying accounts and rumors Ive heard are not comforting.

I think we deserve at least an explanation beyond their vague communications last week. My child was terrified on Friday. After being told on Wednesday that threats were unsubstantiated, I sent my child to school only to learn Friday that they may have, in fact, been in danger. I no longer have faith in this Principal and will keep my child home until we are given more explanation.
“Boy Identified as Leaving Hommocks Bomb Threats
by Judy Silberstein
(April 10, 2008) A 13-year-old male Hommocks student has been identified as the person responsible for scrawling bomb threats in three bathrooms at the middle school on March 6, 2008. (See: Fifth Bomb Threat in 4 Days Evacuates MHS & Hommocks.) According to an April 9 release from the Mamaroneck Town Police Department, their investigations revealed the boy “acted independently and apparently did not have the means, capability or knowledge to accomplish the task of fabricating an explosive device.“
“It’s important for the community to know that the school and the children were not in danger,” said Detective Lt. Jerry McCarthy.
Police believe the youth was a “copy cat” and was imitating the still unidentified person or persons who left graffiti bomb threats at Mamaroneck High School each day from March 3 to March 6. School was canceled at the high school on March 3rd and classes were disrupted on March 5th and 6th.
Two other “copy cats,” both 15-year-old MHS students, were arrested on March 20 by Mamaroneck Village police and charged with felonies in connection with separate threats uncovered on March 7, which did not require cancellation of classes or activities. By then, police had thoroughly swept the school for a possible bomb and had helped the district institute rigorous security measures.
Because of the age of the Hommocks suspect, police revealed very few details. He will be charged with a Class D felony, making a terrorist threat, which will be filed in Family Court. The student faces additional discipline by the school district.“

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