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Open Mike: The Yearbook Flap


‘Open Mike’ is your chance to speak about any Loop article or anything at all. To submit a letter to Open Mike, email

Dear Loop Editors:

I’m a little taken aback by the article posted on the loop regarding senior bullying. The “terrorist” is one of my best friends and his parents are shocked and insulted that a local blog would so unfairly slander him.

To make matters worse, the people trying to defend him are having their comments taken down.

I was hoping I could be given the opportunity to write some sort of article/op ed defending the accused “terrorist”. After being asked many times to write for the loop and following the blog for many years I’ve found somewhat of a problem with the way the website handles criticism. While they have no problem exposing personal details of unfortunate local incidents, I have had numerous experiences in which the loop has removed critical comments that i have posted.

While it is certainly the goal of the website to disclose information for the good of the community, no good can come of one-sided editorials that bash members of our tight-knit community. And if such cyber bullying is permitted, responses that may be deemed offensive to the Loop should not be disregarded. There’s a wonderful irony in an anti-bullying article that contains the picture of a completely innocent student that we are now supposed to see as a terrorist.

—Jake Offenhartz


Thank you, Jake, for your letter. Our intention was not to single out one student, but to report that parents who worry about this topical issue found fault with a system they felt was glorifying it.

As far as your submitted comments, that you write were not published, we have a long history of publishing all sides of an issue; as editors, we feel the conversation is far more important than any (perceived) editorial bias. The only reasons a comment is not posted, and this is clearly stated in every comment form, is if they contain any personal attacks or factual errors.

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