The Signs are Everywhere (in Mamaroneck)

Have you noticed the new “wayfinding signs” in Mamaroneck?
A new network of signs, kiosks, and directional markers will help visitors to Mamaroneck Avenue and the emerging “Avenue North” business district, north of the train tracks, find points of interest.
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These include parks, shopping and dining, parking lots, public transportation, government offices, and community institutions.
Phase I consists of 30 vehicular signs designed to help motorists locate parking and find key sites. Phase 2, which is still in the planning phase, will include community boards to advertise events and informational kiosks for navigating downtown as well as attractive “gateway” signs at Village entry points.
“The attractive new signage and the recently paved streets have given the Village downtown a much needed and overdue freshening. I am thrilled with the new look and appreciate the staff’s hard work in bringing the Board of Trustee’s vision to fruition,” said Mayor Tom Murphy at a ribbon cutting earlier this month.

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