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The Mysterious ‘Waitresses of Larchmont’

waitresses of larchmont


Who are the mysterious Waitresses of Larchmont?

Some locals are reporting these flyers appearing in their mailboxes.

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“You just got served by the Waitresses of Larchmont,” they read. “Don’t forget to tip!” There is a not so subtle reminder that “you should be thankful,” with a cartoonish turkey standing by.

Are waitresses asking for more tips? Are turkeys asking for emancipation? What gives? If you know anything, please comment below!


waitresses of larchmont




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John Pseudomen
John Pseudomen
7 years ago

really, cool, how did you figure it out!?!

Fake Name McFakeington
Fake Name McFakeington
7 years ago

i think i may know who they are?!?

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