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Tailer: Life’s Been Tough

Life so far has been pretty tough on young Tailer.  Just five-months-old, she arrived last summer at the New Rochelle Humane Society as just a tiny kitten.  Perfectly adorable.  But right when she was on the verge of being adopted, Tailer started having seizures and her prospect for a home fell through.

The shelter’s vet thoroughly tested Tailer and determined the seizures resulted from a liver shunt, a condition under which a cat’s liver is bypassed by its circulatory system, meaning toxins build up as a result. But it is treatable. in fact, thanks to medication and a special diet, Tailer has been seizure-free since her condition was first diagnosed.

Unfortunately, though, Tailer is still homeless — something no medication in the world can remedy — even though her condition does not necessarily mean big medical bills will be in her family’s future. Under the Humane Society’s “Silver Whiskers” program, visits to the vet are included in her adoption fee. The $90 fee also covers her vaccinations, spaying and being microchipped. Tailer will even bring own collar, ID tag, cat carrier and bag of Science Diet food.

The New Rochelle Humane Society is located at 70 Portman Road in New Rochelle.  Call 632-2925 or visit its website.






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