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Swim Across America Events in Larchmont, Mamaroneck, Eastchester

swim across america

The Swim Across America events are underway across the country, and several take place locally.

At Orienta Beach Club Saturday, 37 swimmers raised approximately $45,000.

Still to come are events at Larchmont Yacht Club, Larchmont Shore Club, and the Lake Isle Country Club, and their fundraising efforts are getting an extra boost.


Kyle Inserra, co-owner of Polpettina restaurants, is donating 10 percent of the restaurant’s proceeds on the days directly preceding the local swims.  Diners who visit Polpettina’s Larchmont location on July 29 (the day before the sound swim between Larchmont Yacht Club and Larchmont Shore Club) and those who visit Polpettina in Eastchester on August 5 (the day before the Lake Isle Country Club swim) will not only enjoy a great meal, but will be happy in the knowledge that part of their bill is going to support an important local charity.

“Cancer has been very prevalent in my life, as I lost both my mother and step-father to cancer within a two week period when I was just 18, and I’ve had other relatives with the disease,” says Mr. Inserra. “My business partner also has had family members touched by cancer, and we both know how important it is to find a cure.”




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