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Superspread Confronts Iona College in New Rochelle

The  City of New Rochelle reports that a COVID-19 outbreak has been detected at Iona College, with more than 65 confirmed positive cases as of Monday morning Oct. 12.

Authorities say that the outbreak is confined entirely to Iona’s student body with no indication of spread to the larger community so far. Nearly all cases have been traced to a single event, which has not been identified by the city; some reports say it was an event with Iona athletes that took place late last week.

According to the city, the College is coordinating closely with County and State Health officials, and has implemented strict protocols for contact tracing and quarantines.  In addition, the College is switching to virtual instruction for at least the next two weeks.

For more information, visit  To obtain a coronavirus test, call the State hotline at 1-888-364-3065.


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