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The Way We Were: Steichen’s Mamaroneck ‘Moonrise’


A print of Edward Steichen’s extraordinary early photograph, The Pond—Moonlight, sold In February 2006, for what was then the highest price ever paid for a photograph at auction, $2.9 million.

The photograph was taken in Mamaroneck in 1904.

But where?

A New York Times piece quotes Mamaroneck Village historian Gloria Pritts saying it could be on or near what is now Hampshire Country Club.

Steichen took the photograph near the home of his friend, art critic Charles Caffin. The print appears to be a color photograph, but color photography was not available until 1907. Steichen created the impression of color by manually applying layers of light-sensitive gums to the paper. Only three known versions of the Pond-Moonlight are still in existence.

Does anyone know where the original photo could have been taken?



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March 9, 2012 8:40 PM

It could’ve been taken at Gedney Pond, which is now sandwiched between the I-95 entrance ramp (the ramp off Mam’k Ave. by the S-turn in the VOM) and Saxon Woods Park and Rock Ridge Road in the Town. The pond is a little smaller than the Duck Pond.

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