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“Stay at Home Dad”

>As a Larchmont dad (albeit not stay-at-home), Dave Bradley finds constant inspiration around town for the web comedy series he co-created, “The Stay At Home Dad.”

Some of the episodes are filmed here, as well.

The brainchild of a group  called The Milkmen who, like Bradley (he’s a commercial editor) work in entertainment, the series tracking the major social ineptitude of a commodities trader turned full-time dad, took root in Bradley’s house where The Milkmen were brainstorming on their Next Big Thing.

“I find ideas and fodder for ‘The Stay At Home Dad’ everywhere I go around in Larchmont, whether it’s to the park or school or birthday parties,” Bradley says.

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Seems to be working. The series airs on Comedy Central’s atom.com. But beware before viewing: content is best watched with under-agers out of the house!

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