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Biz Buzz: Fenimore Plumbing’s Water Works

Fenimore Plumbing at current location
Fenimore Plumbing at current location

All the rain recently remind us of the devastating floods in Mamaroneck seven years ago. It was then that Chaim Cohen turned on his cellphone after a Bar Mitzvah in California.

There were more than 200 messages.

He and his wife, Susan, quickly learned that back home, much of Mamaroneck was under water, and the family business, Fenimore Plumbing Supply and Showroom, was among the worst casualties.

“We raced home,” says Susan. “The desks were covered with water. The front windows were broken. Files were permanently destroyed. There was a toilet from our showroom floating down Fenimore Road.”


But the couple had bought a warehouse on Halstead Avenue… and had planned to move in a year.

“I made a decision at 8:00 that morning,” Chaim says. “I turned to Susie and I said, ‘we are moving right now.'”

fenimore sink


And that’s when they moved the store and showroom, in hundreds of soggy boxes and file cabinets, to Halstead Avenue, one year earlier than planned.

Years later you would never know what happened.

Customers come in to the spacious show room all day long to look at options (brands like Toto and Grohe at about 20% off) for a major gut job from tile to fixtures, or just to pick up a small part in the store.

Many customers, says Susan, “go shopping at Home Depot or on the internet and come in with a bag of all the wrong stuff” to fix a sink or bathtub, “and we tell them what to do.”

fenimore plumbing

And the flappers. “All day long, they’re coming in for toilet flappers. You can’t believe how many we sell.”

Chaim, a Master Plumber, says, “We have the background and the knowledge. We know how these things work. It’s not just about what you see with your eyes but what goes on behind the walls as well.”

Rows and rows upon parts open in drawers like piles of little jewels. A visitor that knows nothing about plumbing is quickly fascinated by the thousands of organized stems, valves and cartridges in brass, copper and plastic.

And by the ability of the staff to instantly recognize a 50 year old corroded something or other brought in
by a contractor, and replace it on the spot.

“Whether it’s a simple faucet or a $25,000 bathroom, we are happy to do it.”

And they’re staying dry.

Fenimore Plumbing Supply and Showroom 313 Halstead Ave., Mamaroneck, NY 10543  914.777.1715

fenimore plumbing

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