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Some Yonkers Residents Suffer Without Heat

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All this snow and cold weather is more than a nuisance (much less a winter wonderland) for some living close to us.

A Larchmont resident who is a very active volunteer with the local Red Cross tells theLoop a residential building, The Yonkers Apartments at 73 Highland Avenue in Yonkers has not had heat for more than a week.

A representative from the County says that living areas that dip below 60 degrees in cold weather muct be condemned.

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“How long are we supposed to stay like this, with no answers?,” one woman asks News12 Westchester

This is a 129 – unit low income development owned by Roizman Development in Pennsylvania.

A Red Cross Shelter was set up in the gym of the PAL building at 127 N. Broadway, Yonkers, but it has closed  because no one came for shelter two nights in a row, preferring to stay at home, or in a community room in the building.

We aren’t sure we, in a nearby community, can do about this, other than continue to publicize it in an effort to get help for these people.

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