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Sierra Club Opposes WJWW ‘Land Swap’

Kensico Reservoir (courtesy

The Sierra Club has come out in opposition to the land swap that WJWW proposes in order to build a drinking water treatment plant.

In the current edition of the Sierra Club Lower Hudson group, the group says, “Sierra Club and the coalition oppose expansion of the airport and its operations, as they are a threat to the water in the Kensico Reservoir nearby, they pollute our air, the noise of landings or takeoffs is extremely intrusive to residents nearby … and because planes with few passengers, such as corporate or private planes, emit a shocking amount of greenhouse gases per passenger-mile, especially compared to commercial airline operations, at a time of climate emergency.”

theLoop has covered the story extensively.

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Tim Watson
Tim Watson
January 25, 2024 9:19 AM

The community needs clean water. What is the Board of WJWW doing to ensure this plant gets built. What is CE Latimer doing to protect us. He needs to make this a priority over his political ambitions.

Jane Olsen
Jane Olsen
March 17, 2024 10:03 PM
Reply to  Tim Watson

They can build it on the land they already own, which they bought for that purpose decades ago.

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