“See Something, Say Something” Scare in New Rochelle

Fake "Bomb" Recovered in New Rochelle

Suspicious device recovered at New Rochelle Metro North Station

Police arrested a man who appeared to be fiddling with a bomb Monday afternoon at the New Rochelle Metro North station.

Responding to calls of  “a male attempting to detonate a backpack”  he was wearing, cops rushed to the station and found the suspect sitting on an outside bench and wearing a nylon pouch with wires protruding and several cigarette lighters attached.

As officers approached, we’re told the man stood up extended his right arm and began flipping a small flashlight on and off.  He was quickly subdued and arrested.

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54 year-old Thomas Skoupa of New Rochelle is charged with Making a Terroristic Threat.  The device, pictured above, turned out to be an inoperable radio-walkman wrapped in electric tape and wires.

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