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Home Blotter "See Something, Say Something" Scare in New Rochelle

“See Something, Say Something” Scare in New Rochelle

Fake "Bomb" Recovered in New Rochelle
Suspicious device recovered at New Rochelle Metro North Station


Police arrested a man who appeared to be fiddling with a bomb Monday afternoon at the New Rochelle Metro North station.

Responding to calls of  “a male attempting to detonate a backpack”  he was wearing, cops rushed to the station and found the suspect sitting on an outside bench and wearing a nylon pouch with wires protruding and several cigarette lighters attached.

As officers approached, we’re told the man stood up extended his right arm and began flipping a small flashlight on and off.  He was quickly subdued and arrested.

54 year-old Thomas Skoupa of New Rochelle is charged with Making a Terroristic Threat.  The device, pictured above, turned out to be an inoperable radio-walkman wrapped in electric tape and wires.

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