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Scarsdale Undercover


In Scarsdale Undercover, we share some of the more…unnecessary police activity that seems to occur in Scarsdale, New York.

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03/25/2012 Female resident reports having a dispute with husband regarding articles of clothing.
Patrol helped to mediate how much each of their clothes could be stored in the coat closet.

03/12/2012 Caller reports finding debris on her property and suspects her neighbor is retaliating against her.  Upon arrival, patrol spoke with the homeowner, who showed patrol a small pile of rocks and bricks on what appeared to be the side of her property. Mrs. *** believes that her neighbor at *** may have left the rocks and bricks their in retaliation for an incident that occurred last fall. Patrol explained to that since she did not have proof that her neighbor put the rocks on her property that there was nothing further that the police department could do.

3/14/12 Caller reports gardeners are throwing leaves onto her yard.  The Landscapers were not on scene when patrol arrived. Patrol observed the leaves which were on the border of the property and was not able to determine the property lines at this time.  Patrol advised the caller that this is a civil matter and to resolve this issue through the proper channels.

03/14/2012 Caller states music coming from neighbor’s yard. Upon arrival Patrol spoke with the homeowner, who stated her children were playing in the yard while listening to their radio. The homeowner was made aware of the complaint and turned off the radio.

03/14/2012 Motorist advises of subject standing in the roadway. Police found a man who was attempting to flag down the Bee Line bus.

03/20/2012  A caller states that  2 suspicious males knocked on the front door of his neighbor. When when nobody answered the door, the two males went around the back of the premise.
Patrol identified 2 workers from ECUA contruction, who were authorized to do
work at the premise.

3/20/12 Caller reports a brown Chevy blazer has been parked for awhile, male black sitting in the vehicle. Patrol identified the operator to be employee of Transactions by Brenda process serving business, who was attempting to serve civil documents to the resident.

03/20/2012 Caller reports that there is an animal, possibly a raccoon, stuck right outside of her door. Patrol observed the animal by the deck near the screen door. The animal left the calling party’s residence and disappeared in the wooden area. At the time the animal did not show any sign of being sick.


Photo: Jacqueline Silberbush

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