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Scarsdale Fire Closes Downtown Area

from LoHud: A reported transformer fire about 2:30 this afternoon has led to the closing of one block along Scarsdale Avenue in downtown Scarsdale and the evacuation of adjacent buildings.

The closing of the block, between Popham Road and Freightway, left cars stranded in a downtown parking lot and small groups of people milling around at the edge of the activity by firefighters and police.

The bridge over the Bronx River Parkway connecting Ardsley Road and Popham was closed to cars and pedestrians.

The Red Cross said it was sending volunteers with water and may set up a shelter.

Perhaps 100 people, mostly elderly, were out of apartments or stores. One report suggested that some were taking shelter in an air-conditioned bus from temperatures near 90.

Scott Weishaus, owner of Giannoni’s deli, said he saw smoke on the street just before 2:30 and then his lights began flickering. Police showed up moments later and asked him to close and leave the store because they feared PCBs were burning and sending caustic smoke out through two manholes.

Soon after, it appeared the entire block had been evacuated, both stores and at least two apartment buildings. Drivers were not permitted to retrieve parked cars in he evacuated area.

PCBs, a standard coolant used in transformers, has long been considered a carcinogen and is blamed as a widespread insidious pollutant, most notably in the Hudson River.


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