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Save the Watercolor Cafe

LARCHMONT– Many people have experienced hard financial times recently, and one of Larchmont’s cultural gems, the Watercolor Cafe, is no exception.

Four special benefit performances are planned for Sunday October 21-Wednesday October 24…featuring Colin Quinn, Ellis Paul, Cliff Eberhardt, Ted Rosenthal, Clifford Carter & more.

Watercolor owner Bruce Carroll says that “without raising a considerable sum in short order to make critical payments it will not be possible to keep the Watercolor Cafe open beyond mid- November.”

We can’t let this happen. Comedian Colin Quinn feels the same way and he and the other artists came forward and offered to do the benefits.

“They are committed to seeing the Watercolor survive and provide a home to music, musicians, and music lovers for years to come,” said Carroll, “and so am I. ”

He wants you to know:

On Sunday evening, the show will start at 730pm…Clifford Carter, one of the most extraordinary pianists I have ever heard, will open the show, with drummer/percussionist Joe Bonadio accompanying. Then Colin will take the stage and hold forth on the Constitution, the election and life in general. As you may know, Colin is currently opening for Jerry Seinfeld on his current tour, after starring on Broadway in his own one-man show (“Long Story Short”) directed by….Jerry Seinfeld.
The show on Monday will be opened by our great good friend from New England, the wonderful Ellis Paul.
Ellis has given some of the most memorable performances over the years here at Watercolor, as well as songwriting workshops that leave attendees inspired and enlightened. He is a perennial winner of the Boston Music Awards whose songs are frequently heard in Farrelly Bros films. His music is deep, melodic, and moving.
After his performance, Mr Quinn will take over and bring it home.
Tuesday nights show will be opened by jazz great pianist Ted Rosenthal! Ted’s trio performs monthly at
Watercolor, a happy fact for us since his incredible virtuosity puts him in demand all over the world and he
spends much of his time in Europe and Japan. If you want to know why we here at Watercolor are committed to
providing live music for the people of Westchester, you should drop by around 10pm on a Friday night when
Ted plays his last set and experience the magic of his playing in a darkened yet candlelit room
on a fine and now historic piano…After Ted’s set he’ll yield his chair to Clifford Carter and Joe Bonadio,
who will play til Colin Quinn takes over and does his show.
On Wednesday, the last night of our series, singer/songwriter of great distinction and good friend to
Watercolor Cafe, the ebullient Cliff Eberhardt sojourns down from western Mass to lend his support
for our efforts.  Cliff is a great entertainer and we owe him a lot for always being available when the chips are down. You will love his show! After Cliff finishes, Colin will perform his set, entitled “Unconstitutional!”
which will include a lot of new material woven into large pieces of “Long Story Short”.
The entertainment charge for all four shows will be a very affordable $25.
We are also offering 3 levels of dinner/donation menus:
Level 1: $100 for entree, cocktail, coffee, giveaways.
Level 2: $175 for entree, dessert, 2 cocktails, coffee, giveaways.
Level 3: $250 for app, entree, dessert, 3 cocktails, coffee, giveaways.
Also, we will be selling tables of 6 for $500 (level 1) and tables of 12 for $1000 (level 1).

We hope that you, our loyal and appreciative friends who have always supported us over the years, will
find it possible to come out again and support us now at this critical moment.


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October 22, 2012 12:21 AM

Hopefully lots of friends will show up. We love the Watercolor Cafe and thanks for letting us know about these fund raising evenings and other local events.

Anne Shea
Anne Shea
October 18, 2012 10:36 AM

Thank you for this piece…….. sharing on FB and hoping that all friends of Watercolor Cafe will do the same! the loss of this gem while not unconstitutional is incomprehensible!

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