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Sacre Bleu! 100 Years of Rochelles

La Rochelle



Sent from the New Rochelle the Sister City Committee:

In honor of the 100th Anniversary of the gift by New Rochelleans of the statue of Jean Guiton, Huguenot mayor of La Rochelle in 1628, to La Rochelle in 1911, Mayor Noam Bramson and Sister City Convenor Peter Korn welcomed the miniature to the Mayor’s Office.

A delegation from New Rochelle, headed by Councilmember Marianne Sussman, is visiting La Rochelle, France this week to celebrate both the centenary of the gift and the Sister City relationship. The visit will be marked with a rededication of the monument, parade, art contest, plaque dedication to American soldiers stationed in La Rochelle after World War II, and a wealth of community activities organized by the City of La Rochelle.  Sister City Committee members are volunteer. No City funds were used for the trip.

Mayor Noam Bramson and Sister City Convenor Peter Korn with miniature


 –photos courtesy Flickr and City of New Rochelle


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