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Rye Golf Club Bilked of Thousand$$

rye golf club

A Rye City Council report says the former manager of the city-owned Rye Golf Club used two private companies to “steal many hundreds of thousands of dollars from the city of Rye.”

Money was apparently funneled to the already well-paid manager and his wife (who lived on the grounds rent free) through a corporation that didn’t do much else.

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More on the results of  the four-month investigation. Why was this scheme unnoticed by Rye City officials?

photo: Rye Golf Club Web site


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Ray Tartaglione
Ray Tartaglione
9 years ago

City manager Scott Pickup is responsible for each and every failure at the Rye
Golf Club. Who in their right mind signs authorizations for literally millions without
checking and rechecking? Pickup personally approved $5.2 MILLION, or 72% of all RM funds.

In my office we issue anywhere from 50 to a 100 checks a day, not one of them
is issued without two staff members approval and then they are checked again at
the end of the week and again at the end of the month. Each time by a different
staff member, it only takes minutes.

I think we need to take a look at the only two that were trying to defend Mr.
Pickup at the last city council meeting for his lack of oversight and his many
attempts to protect Mr. Yandrasevich.

1.) Mayor Doug French who was accused with stealing tax money from Rye.

2.) Deputy Mayor Jovanovich who was accused of sexual harassment and violating
securities laws.

These are the three highest held positions in our City, need I say more.

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