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Rye Brook Dam Cyber Breach in 2013 Reported

Schumer discusses cyber breach in Rye Brook
Schumer discusses cyber breach in Rye Brook


Did you catch this story right before Christmas?

Apparently the Bowman Avenue Dam in Rye Brook, which is owned by the City of Rye and controls water with a computer-operated gate on the Blind Brook, was the victim of an Iranian cyber-security hack two years ago, and local officials say they were not informed.

Officials say that while the hackers never took control of the small dam, they were able to penetrate the electronics system.

US Senator Charles Schumer said that the cyber-attack “points to potential vulnerabilities to cyber-attack of our critical infrastructure including dams, sensitive industrial systems and power grids.”

The senator said the country’s critical infrastructure is “still far too vulnerable to hackers and we must do more.”

County Executive Rob Astorino said , “If this information was important enough to report to the White House then why wasn’t it reported to me and the county officials who would have been required to deal with the consequences of any terror attack.”

MyRye has more on the group claiming responsibility.




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