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Rumorville: New Rochelle Getting a Noodle Bar

moon rabbit
There is a legend in Buddist culture* about why we see the shape of a rabbit on the moon, a legend that has inspired the name of Moon Rabbit, which will open, by the same owners, where Cienega Restaurant was.

We will soon have a noodle bar said to be in the style of many in the City.

“Moon Rabbit will be a casual, quick turn-around restaurant specializing in ramen,” says General Manager Pedro Munoz. ” The highlight will be the unique ramen that is made through an elaborate preparation process that originates in Hokkaido, Japan. By preparing the tonkotsu broth with painstaking care –about 200 hours for each bowl –diners will enjoy a more well-rounded, rich tasting bowl of ramen.”


The restaurant will feature communal seating, and other food options. The target opening is Friday.



**In the Buddhist Jakata tale, a rabbit encourages his friends to practice charity on the days of the full Moon, 
which are holy days. One day, as the animals were gathering food, Śakra, a god of the heavens, decided to 
test them. Disguised as a Brahmin, he begged the animals for food one by one.

The rabbit’s friends all offered what they had collected, but the rabbit only knew how to gather grass. 
Having nothing to give, he asked the Brahmin to build a fire and offered up his own body as a sacrifice 
so that the Brahmin could live. As the rabbit threw himself onto the fire, the Brahmin made the flames 
ice cold so that he would not be harmed. Touched by the rabbit’s self-sacrifice, Śakra revealed his true 
identity and drew the likeness of the rabbit on the Moon so that the whole world would know of his virtue.

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