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Rumorville: Larchmont’s Food Basket Closing

food basket

Several of you have written in to say The Food Basket, the little grocery store in Larchmont, at 112 Chatsworth Ave., in Larchmont, appears to be closing. A store clerk would not give us any more information.

One reader writes, “The sign says it’s shutting for the winter, but it seems like it’s going out of business. Why would you close for the winter? Also claims to be offering discounts on the little food that is left on the shelves, but that wasn’t apparent.

As I recall the store was bought a couple of years ago”

The store  was Food Horizon until late 2011.

photo: Steve Reyes



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Pam Older
Pam Older
February 3, 2015 11:27 AM

The mayor and Chamber of Commerce need to get their act together to help the small businesses. They are not proactive as in other towns and as a result have killed Larchmont as a shopping area. Food Horizon owners were terrific and it pains me that they are out of business. Landlords too- look at your rents- they are higher than they should be and it doesn’t help that your tenants go in and out and reflects poorly on you. When I moved here Larchmont was vital and adorable. Now it’s businesses opening and closing and dark windows everywhere. Too many friends who have opened and closed businesses in Larchmont have been hurt. It is a special town with residents with living here with vast business acumen – why can’t a strategy be put in place?

reStore Larchmont
reStore Larchmont
December 19, 2014 11:52 AM

What should be where Food Basket is now? What store does the Palmer Ave end of Larchmont need? What specific business would do well here? With DeCecicco’s opening soon, should it still be a grocery?

December 16, 2014 6:36 PM

I’ve spoken with the owner of Food Horizons and they underwent a terrible summer — three months of almost completely lost business while the town redid the sidewalk outside the store, during which they had to pay their full rent. It’s a real loss for the store to go under. Many people who live nearby and don’t have cars depend on them. The owner said that all the businesses on the block suffered and are struggling.

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