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Rumorville: Bye-bye Big Box

Blockbuster brick and mortar stores took the hit all over the country and are closing up shop to capitalize on how people grab their video on line or in the mail.

The store on the Post Road in Larchmont is on life support…and unconfirmed rumor has it that space and the dormant Sleepy’s next door (which moved into the former  marine store recently) will combine into something this area just can’t seem to get enough of –another drug store! woo hoo! -a Walgreens. The last Walgreens in the area, in New Rochelle, rose in the ashes of the Thruway Diner.

Over in Scarsdale, another product we seem to have less use for in stores, books, spelled the end for Borders. Like Blockbuster, it filed for bankruptcy and is closing 200 “low performing stores.” Here’s the list.

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11 years ago

“Irony is the gaiety of reflection and the joy of wisdom.”
-A. France

And that may rise in the sight of the ashes of a Duane Reade, a company now owned by __________ :-)

And people in the community will certainly say that we don’t need another __________ or another __________ but we’d like a __________ or a __________ that not enough will patronage. They may be right, but __________ .

Perhaps some will look at business models of various “things” and see what we get at the times we do and lose what we lose at the time we do.

And some may hear the ticking clock and may say there’s opportunity. A way to prepare for and accomplish in the present and the future of our community.

Heard “air rights” can substitute for increased taxes. Heard when government encourages business it encourages vibrant communities. Heard enlightened zoning along with other things has the communities’ “public safety” and “educators” live in the communities.

Opportunity’s knocking. Anyone hearing it or is it drowned out by complaints of what some don’t want and of what some don’t get enough?

C O M M U N I T Y • C A L E N D A R