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Robbery Suspects Pursued Through Larchmont Manor

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A frenzy of police activity, including local Larchmont Police, New Rochelle Police, Westchester County Police, unmarked law enforcement, and a helicopter spread through Larchmont Village avenues in search of four robbery suspects Wednesday afternoon.

One source reports two of the suspects remained on the loose Thursday morning, while two others were caught and arrested in the Manor.

Police say they were “smash and grab” robbers in a team of two cars, who started robbing in Greenburgh. One vehicle with two suspects crashed in Yonkers, where the suspects were apprehended.

The second vehicle, with four suspects, came up the Boston Post Road, say police, and turned into the Manor neighborhood about 3:45 pm, possibly to avoid traffic, they say.

The four suspects then fled from their car. Police were able to catch two of them and two remain at large. Police say they believe they have left the area.

A police alert was emailed to Larchmont residents alerting residents “to lock their doors and report anything suspicious” as they pursued the suspects, described as black males wearing dark clothing.

According to one report a vehicle was impounded and towed from a location near Woodbine and Circle Avenues. Police have not said if the car belonged to the suspects or how it was involved in the crime.

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