Risks of Rising Seas Revealed for Larchmont


Over the last century, Larchmont has seen a gradual sea level rise of about 12 inches, but according to a January 2019 analysis by Climate Central, a nonprofit, non-advocacy organization that researches climate impacts, there probably will be a far greater rise in this century.

The highest flood water level seen in the Larchmont area to date was 9 feet in 2012. The current projections are that a 6-foot high flood is about 22%-36% likely to happen between today and 2030.

With 6-foot high flood water, at least two miles of local roads would be at risk, along with a hazardous waste site in the area, a wastewater site, two EPA-listed sites, and many local residences.

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The map below from Climate Central shows in red the Larchmont coastal property areas at risk from 6-foot high sea level rise. Larchmont land below 6 ft. is colored red to denote zones with high property value per acre, says Climate Central.

More details about seal level rise and local risks are provided here.

To ask about specific recommendations tailored to your own location, you can email Climate Central at: sealevel@climatecentral.org.

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