Update: Reports of Deer Hunting in Larchmont Shock Residents


Deer strolls down Larchmont Ave. in 2015- photo: Emily Cohn


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In response to discussion here, the Town of Mamaroneck has posted its regulations regarding hunting.

As far as the deer found on the Leatherstocking Trail (see below), Town Environmental Planner Elizabeth Paul says, “It is not known what property the deer was on when it was shot, but it died on Town property. As a reminder to residents, Hunting is prohibited in any of the Town Conservation Areas.”


A heated discussion that began on the website Nextdoorhas neighbors debating the legalities and dangers of alleged deer hunting in residential and conservation zones in the Larchmont area.

A resident writes that last Thursday, “Someone shot a large male deer with a bow and arrow on the Leatherstocking Trail. The details are not confirmed but I believe that the disgusting person shot the deer, removed the arrow and left it to die a horrible death. We got help from Elizabeth Paul of the Mamaroneck Town Conservation Department and the police. He died before they could shoot him. The deer was on the trail just north of the Rockland Avenue bridge next to the vernal bog.”

Another person posts that her husband saw a buck on their front lawn with “a huge laceration and an arrow hanging out his side… A few minutes later a pick up truck drove slowly down our street as if looking for him. He came back twice to our dead end street. And another pick up truck came along later as well. Driving slowly and looking in the brook.” She says she called the police, but “the cop acted like I was bothering him with a non issue.”

In the discussion, a Mamaroneck Village resident posts the map below, indicating bow hunting is legal in Westchester Count this time of the year.

But should it be allowed in densely populated neighborhoods?

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Thanks for your neighborly, informed response, J. Mark Lane. I, for one, would welcome any responsible/humane efforts to thin out our dense deer population, especially after a buck rammed the passenger side of our car on Webster Ave near NRHS last month. As the desk officer handed over my police report, I asked how often it happens. She replied, “Well, one just got me over there!” I wonder what the overall stats are for this sort of thing? Six weeks (and $22k!) later, after getting my fancy electric car back from the body shop, I was “seeing red” and wishing… Read more »

J. Mark Lane

Well, I see there’s an update. That’s good. As probably one of the few here with a (more or less) working knowledge of state hunting laws, I’ll add a couple of thoughts. I highly doubt that it is “legal” in any sense to hunt “on” the Leatherstocking Trail.” I suspect that the deer found there (apparently a buck) was shot somewhere else, and ran until it collapsed there. Deer rarely drop on the spot – the two we have taken this year (upstate) died within 10-15 seconds and ran about 50 yards. Sometimes they run much further, even miles. One… Read more »

Denise Silver

lol what does liberal or conservative have to do with this? Bow and arrow hunting is done by both. And what do you mean get a job? You can have a job and be concerned about all kinds of issues. Joe needs to chill.

J. Mark Lane

It is legal to hunt deer with a bow in Westchester during the season (which is now). However, to hunt on private property you have to have permission. And to retrieve a deer that ends up on private property after being shot, you have to have permission of the landowner. So I can shoot a deer with a bow on my own (Larchmont) property, and retrieve it there, or anywhere where the property owner lets me do so (assuming I have a bowhunting license, which I do). Public property can be designated no-hunting. I don’t know what Leatherstocking rules are,… Read more »

Dave Findlay

Joe, if you shoot arrows the way you shoot your mouth off on social media, we should all be concerned. It is not “liberal” to care about our children when macho goons like you run around playing Rambo in residential areas. Get a life, go some place else to fulfil your fantasies or even better, get some therapy.

James foti

First of all….The report of deer hunting wasn’t in Larchmont. Again with the fake news

Dave Findlay

Found the Trumptard

James Foti

lol oh Dave…You’re one of those guys who shoot their mouth off over the internet. Stay tough man!!!

Dave Findlay

Thanks James, I don’t need to play tough guy with my little bow and arrow… I don’t need to play lets pretend cops in my little village either…

James Foti

Well you should check again. Larchmont is a Village that is located in the Town of Mamaroneck. Rockland Ave runs thru TOM and VOM.


Does that mean that hunting is legal anywhere in Westchester? The idea of hunting along the Leatherstocking, which is heavily used by walkers and runners, is very disturbing.


It is very disturbing. I wonder if there are any signs to warn the walker/runners/hikers? Anybody know?


GET A JOB !! There’s more important things to worry about in this world like you liberals destroying it !