Remember Our “Complaint Department?”


Some Vintage Loop:

Back in 2010 we had a “Complaint Department” (where one could also shout-out something great.)

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Here’s a sampling:

“Lot of talk around town about the town and village of Mamaroneck taking over Hampshire making it a public facility. Yeah that’s right, that’s what these boards need, more to do, because they are doing such a good job with what’s on their plate now. Let’s see them put up a traffic light well, before we move on to more complex issues like whats to be done with the 52 pounds of beef tongue in the Hampshire fridge.”

“I want the Larchmont Village Hall to take back my un-used parking cards which can no longer be used to pay for parking at the railroad station lots.”

“What IS it with drivers in this town? The number of times I’ve nearly been wiped out in the last few weeks is outrageous.”

“I’ve found all the staff at Shoprite to be super nice and helpful – esp the bakery, seafood counter…the managers remember you and everybody says hi with a smile. There are some less-smiley checkout gals but not NEARLY as many at Stop n Shop where I believe the book on Surly was written…”

Got something a little more contemporary to talk about? Now’s your chance…

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